Myths about Going Gluten-Free

I hear it everyday if I tell someone I don’t eat gluten products, “I could never go gluten free, I would miss bread and pasta too much!” or “like “insert celebrity* right?!”. As a gluten-free (GF) dieter myself, these statements have really gotten old. So I am here to debunk some common myths about going gluten free and staying gluten-free.

Myth 1: You will never be able to eat any pasta, bread, cake, etc.

Truth: Nowadays, many things have GF versions of themselves. I still eat GF Barilla pasta, make GF cupcakes, eat sandwiches on GF rolls from Jersey Mike’s. You would be surprised about how many things you already eat that are already naturally GF such as fruits, most meats, and rice!

Myth 2: Gluten-free is a trendy lifestyle choice

Truth: While some Hollywood celebrities may be GF, that doesn’t mean they always choose it. Who knows they may have a gluten allergy or sensitivity. Even if they do not, and it is in fact purely an unnecessary choice, that doesn’t mean every average person who bars gluten from their diet is following a celebrity trend.

Myth 3: Everyone will benefit from going gluten-free

Truth: Seek medical advice first! A dramatic switch in diet is not always worth it or healthy for everyone, so consult a medical professional to confirm that it may help you with any issues. For myself, my naturopathic doctor suggested I try a GF diet to help regulate my thyroid hormone and mitigate severe chronic migraines. That combined with a switch in medication provided the help I needed along with a healthier gut. This was after six weeks of a trial diet change to make sure it did not impact me negatively.

Myth 4: People who go GF are all in it to lose weight.

Truth: While it is possible to lose some weight while going GF, this is mainly due to the fact whole foods become a larger part of your diet when its an easy diet-friendly option. It is not a fat loss method, and for a lot of people going GF solves bigger problems than a few extra pounds.

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