A Day in the Florida Keys

If you want a tropical paradise, but don’t want to leave the U.S.? It’s time to head to the Florida Keys! Here is how I would spend a day in the the Upper Florida Keys (Key Largo, Islamorada, Upper Matecumbe): Recreation After grabbing a light breakfast from wherever I am lodging, or the Key LargoContinue reading “A Day in the Florida Keys”

An Owners Guide to Bringing your Dog to the Beach

What to Bring for your Dog’s Beach Day: Shade (Umbrella, tent, etc.) Booties for all four paws in case the sand or parking lot is hot. Appropriate gear (harness, collar, e-collar, leash) Folding dog bowl for easy storage. Cold water Towel to lay on, if sand is hot, and towel to dry off Seat Cover/Continue reading “An Owners Guide to Bringing your Dog to the Beach”

Why you Need to Have More Than One Source of Income

The United States is at 5.2% unemployment rate right now. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses lack staff, meaning people lack jobs. When money is tight and you still have bills to pay, losing a job can mean a significant decrease in your quality of life. Having more than one source of income can mitigateContinue reading “Why you Need to Have More Than One Source of Income”

Myths about Going Gluten-Free

I hear it everyday if I tell someone I don’t eat gluten products, “I could never go gluten free, I would miss bread and pasta too much!” or “like “insert celebrity* right?!”. As a gluten-free (GF) dieter myself, these statements have really gotten old. So I am here to debunk some common myths about goingContinue reading “Myths about Going Gluten-Free”

Top 5 Halloween Destinations in the US

Spooky season is upon us! With 50 states, the U.S. has many options when it comes to a vacation. During the fall, and especially for Halloween, certain places hold that particular supernatural charm. 1. Salem, MA Home of the famed Salem Witch Trials, this small town in northeastern Massachusetts is steeped in supernatural mystery. MuchContinue reading “Top 5 Halloween Destinations in the US”

3 Stay-at-Home Halloween Ideas

It’s the scariest time of the year! September has begun, and with it the slew of halloween decorations lining the shelves of stores even before the first day of fall. Since the pandemic started, Halloween has looked different, but that doesn’t have to mean less fun. Here are 3 pandemic-approved Halloween ideas to keep theContinue reading “3 Stay-at-Home Halloween Ideas”

Advice for Dealing With Criticism

As a sensitive and people-pleasing person, let’s just say learning how to take criticism has not been easy for me. Sensitive people are hardwired to please and respond to even the most minute emotional changes in others. So when someone expresses a dislike for something we’ve done….well, it just spirals from there. Now my journeyContinue reading “Advice for Dealing With Criticism”

Remote Working 101

As the pandemic continues, some companies have discovered that having employees go remote is a good way to save money, and prevent the spread of the virus. I have been doing some form of remote work since high school, whether it be school or a job. So if you’re like me and have discovered thatContinue reading “Remote Working 101”

My Experience with “Bad Dog” Behavior and How I’m Fixing it

Have a new dog that’s got a host of behavioral issues you find out after he’s settled into his new home? I can relate. My beloved Fleetfoot is a ball of out-of-control energy sometimes, and others he’s an angel. I wasn’t surprised when my rescue dog began to display behavioral issues. After all, he hadContinue reading “My Experience with “Bad Dog” Behavior and How I’m Fixing it”

A Girls Safety Guide to Paris

Bonjour! Traveling to the City of Lights? If you’re a girl, there’s an aspect of travel that impacts us differently than men, and that is the safety factor. Whether you’re venturing out into the world on your own, or with a group of your best girlfriends, you want to have fun, but also stay safe. Continue reading “A Girls Safety Guide to Paris”