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An Owners Guide to Bringing your Dog to the Beach

What to Bring for your Dog’s Beach Day: Shade (Umbrella, tent, etc.)Booties for all four paws in case the sand or parking lot is hot.Appropriate gear (harness, collar, e-collar, leash)Folding dog bowl for easy storage.Cold water Towel to lay on, if sand is hot, and towel to dry offSeat Cover/ Seat Belt for no-mess and…

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Why you Need to Have More Than One Source of Income

The United States is at 5.2% unemployment rate right now. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses lack staff, meaning people lack jobs. When money is tight and you still have bills to pay, losing a job can mean a significant decrease in your quality of life. Having more than one source of income can mitigate…

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Myths about Going Gluten-Free

I hear it everyday if I tell someone I don’t eat gluten products, “I could never go gluten free, I would miss bread and pasta too much!” or “like “insert celebrity* right?!”. As a gluten-free (GF) dieter myself, these statements have really gotten old. So I am here to debunk some common myths about going…

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