An Owners Guide to Bringing your Dog to the Beach

What to Bring for your Dog’s Beach Day: Shade (Umbrella, tent, etc.) Booties for all four paws in case the sand or parking lot is hot. Appropriate gear (harness, collar, e-collar, leash) Folding dog bowl for easy storage. Cold water Towel to lay on, if sand is hot, and towel to dry off Seat Cover/Continue reading “An Owners Guide to Bringing your Dog to the Beach”

Top 5 Halloween Destinations in the US

Spooky season is upon us! With 50 states, the U.S. has many options when it comes to a vacation. During the fall, and especially for Halloween, certain places hold that particular supernatural charm. 1. Salem, MA Home of the famed Salem Witch Trials, this small town in northeastern Massachusetts is steeped in supernatural mystery. MuchContinue reading “Top 5 Halloween Destinations in the US”

A Girls Safety Guide to Paris

Bonjour! Traveling to the City of Lights? If you’re a girl, there’s an aspect of travel that impacts us differently than men, and that is the safety factor. Whether you’re venturing out into the world on your own, or with a group of your best girlfriends, you want to have fun, but also stay safe. Continue reading “A Girls Safety Guide to Paris”