Why you Need to Have More Than One Source of Income

The United States is at 5.2% unemployment rate right now. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses lack staff, meaning people lack jobs. When money is tight and you still have bills to pay, losing a job can mean a significant decrease in your quality of life. Having more than one source of income can mitigateContinue reading “Why you Need to Have More Than One Source of Income”

Advice for Dealing With Criticism

As a sensitive and people-pleasing person, let’s just say learning how to take criticism has not been easy for me. Sensitive people are hardwired to please and respond to even the most minute emotional changes in others. So when someone expresses a dislike for something we’ve done….well, it just spirals from there. Now my journeyContinue reading “Advice for Dealing With Criticism”

Remote Working 101

As the pandemic continues, some companies have discovered that having employees go remote is a good way to save money, and prevent the spread of the virus. I have been doing some form of remote work since high school, whether it be school or a job. So if you’re like me and have discovered thatContinue reading “Remote Working 101”

How to Find your Side Hustle

One step towards financial stability, which I’m still working to achieve, is a successful side hustle, or the 5-9. A couple of hundred dollars in your pocket each month is worth more than you think. Instead of actively looking for a side hustle, I somewhat stumbled upon mine. In high school, I began writing forContinue reading “How to Find your Side Hustle”