Advice for Dealing With Criticism

As a sensitive and people-pleasing person, let’s just say learning how to take criticism has not been easy for me. Sensitive people are hardwired to please and respond to even the most minute emotional changes in others. So when someone expresses a dislike for something we’ve done….well, it just spirals from there.

Now my journey to “taking criticism well” is still in the works. I’ve gotten better for sure…but getting that first Masters program assignment back and reading “Quite frankly your writing is raising concerns” and “you have a lack of proper syntax and grammar” was jarring to say the least, and sent me down the rabbit hole of “I should just drop out”.

After all, I’ve made a living off my writing for the last six years…I must know something!

This brings me to an important point; when I hear someone criticizing my writing, I essential chant “We can’t please everyone” in my head. Everyone has a preference of style, so when your professor’s expectations are the opposite what you’re used to, it leads to A LOT of criticism.

Remembering that one teacher, or one bad grade won’t ruin your life is also hard to fathom in the moment. You want to do well despite the fact that it really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. No matter what, seeing negative comments will always affect you. Its not a bad thing to let them either.

If you want to feel sad, or even irritated when someone your work, that is NATURAL, but you should not let it rule your waking hours.

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