Remote Working 101

As the pandemic continues, some companies have discovered that having employees go remote is a good way to save money, and prevent the spread of the virus.

I have been doing some form of remote work since high school, whether it be school or a job.

So if you’re like me and have discovered that during the pandemic you don’t want to return to the office. Here are some tips to make your new workspace more efficient.

1. Dedicated space

Just like in the office, having a personal space dedicated to your work is extremely important. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just enough for your work materials to remain organized. Of course if you want a snazzy set up go for it! It doesn’t have to represent a a plain office cubicle, make it your own.

Having three monitors as an overnight analyst, my chosen office setup is by the window, with a full size folding table to give me plenty of space for my screens. A mini fridge was an added touch so I don’t have to disturb other members of the household grabbing energy drinks at 2am.

Outlet placement should also be noted. Invest in a durable extension cord if you need it, trust me it’s worth it.

2. Distractions are fine…to a point

If you’re at home, unless living completely alone, there’s going to be distractions while you work. From kids, pets, TV, or the refrigerator, something will draw you from your work.

That’s not a bad thing! Even at work you don’t just sit and grind all day, you stop and talk to coworkers, get some water, go to lunch, get a coffee, etc.

With a dog in my home, and two other adults in the house with their own dogs, distractions are bound to happen. For me this makes work more tolerable! It shows me that I can still participate in typical domestic life even whilst I’m at my computer. I’m not losing or missing out on anything by going to work.

Being a night shift worker, staying awake can be a chore, and distractions help. Having a podcast going, or a TV on in the background isn’t always a terrible thing to have.

This being said there is a point where distractions become too much. If you find that your work performance has dropped drastically due to your attention being pulled away too much, then start eliminating the unnecessary.

3. Communication

In order to have a successful work experience from home, excellent communication is a MUST. Since your boss can’t see every piece of work you’re doing in the office it is your job to communicate thoroughly so nothing can be said against your performance. Don’t leave your manager or colleagues wondering what you’re up to during the workday. While this doesn’t mean divulging every time you get up from your chair, definitely let them know when you’re going on lunch or have to take some time to finish up a big project.

I wish you all the best in your remote work!

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