My Experience with “Bad Dog” Behavior and How I’m Fixing it

Have a new dog that’s got a host of behavioral issues you find out after he’s settled into his new home? I can relate. My beloved Fleetfoot is a ball of out-of-control energy sometimes, and others he’s an angel.

I wasn’t surprised when my rescue dog began to display behavioral issues. After all, he had spent nearly half his life in a shelter after being confiscated from a cruelty investigation. So when he began to leave bruises down my arm from mouth sparring and excessive jumping I knew I needed an expert in dog behavior to help me out.

DON’T be afraid to hire a trainer, there are so many out there that can fit your needs. Embarrassment about not being able to handle your pooch shouldn’t prevent you from having a healthy relationship with him/her.

Now, every dog owner has preferences in how they want their dog to be trained. Personally I allow the use of a prong collar under the right conditions, not used as a punishment. E-collars are right for certain dogs, but for others, they may not be, and as the owner, you should research into how your trainer plans to use one.

If you want success with a trainer, you MUST do your “homework” given to you by them. If you only set those boundaries when the trainer is present, your dog will become confused. They won’t understand why some behaviors are okay on some days and not okay on other days. Work the skills earned with the trainer every day to allow the memory to stick in your dog’s mind.

I had calls with multiple trainers, and looked into their; biography, customer reviews, demeanor, favored training method, and experience.

When it comes to expense, the location of the training makes a huge difference. I chose to take the higher price for in-home training, as the home is where my dog is most of the time. There are also options for kennel clubs or obedience schools that may be more cost-friendly.

Overall when your dog begins to display behavioral issues beyond your control, consult a trainer. It will keep you and your furry companion happy and safe.

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